I have enjoyed, and with best friends, Landmark Trust USA properties including Rudyard Kipling’s Naulakha;  Kipling’s Carriage House; the Amos Brown House; and, I experienced by myself the smaller but still outstanding Sugarhouse. Left to experience is the Dutton Farmhouse.

There was an open house at the farmhouse Saturday, May 14, 2022, and I attended. I got to visit with Michele, Susan, and met and enjoyed talking with Bill Flynt, President of the Board of Directors and recently retired from Historic Deerfield that his grandparents established. Bill is an architectural historian (among other things) and I have piqued his interest in a unique feature of “44” and hopefully he will visit soon to help me figure it all out.

BUT – overdue for an escape and one Landmark Trust property still to visit. Bucolic, isolated, but not as much as Amos, and surrounded by back dirt roads for cycling – not to mention sitting in the front yard overlooking apple orchards to Mt. Monadnock. You are invited, say when — RAB

Yes, that is Mt Monadnock in the distance center from the front yard of Dutton Farmhouse

the two downstairs sitting rooms

downstairs bedroom – the downstairs bath is at the back of the first floor

and, two of the three upstairs bedrooms – a bath upstairs as well

You are invited. Say when — luv, RAB, DAD, RAY