DAY OUT – Ray is one of the great “AMERICAN PICKERS”

I like to schedule one event for each day to help pass the time so to speak.  Today’s event was to get blood drawn for my annual physical in October.  I am healthy, not to worry, but just plan to stay that way.  It was not a “Black Beauty” day since it was raining and even pouring much of the day, and it would not have been ideal heading up to Mt. Ascutney Hospital in Windsor, Vermont in her (as you will read, it was good I had the van).  I planned my fasting to have a good 16 plus hours before getting poked, and for my reward I planned to have an omelet for a late breakfast at the Windsor Diner (in Windsor, VT),

Windsor Diner - Windsor, VT - Worth the Trip

built in 1952 by the Worcester Lunch Car Company in Massachusetts.  I have “dined” there several times, and Scott, Betty and Rich and I enjoyed dinner there in early February after cross-country skiing at Mt. Tom in Woodstock, Vermont at the Marsh Billings Rockefeller Historic National Park. 

After enjoying the diner I headed across the Covered Bridge back to New Hampshire and headed up to Lebanon, NH to do some book scouting.  I have a stop there, found a few books priced allowing me to pay for gas plus, and then I headed to the antique center at Quechee, VT.  Usually not good pickings there, but I am good at what I do, and this time I picked up 5 books that were priced allowing me a fantastic margin.  I will buy $40 books all day long when a “dealer” has priced them at $3 and $5.  Well, those were my two planned stops, but I wanted to see what was left of the Quechee Covered Bridge and Simon Pearce after Irene, so headed up Route 4 a tad.  I planned on seeing both sides of the bridge (sorry I neglected to take a camera along), and first stopped on the far side looking over to Simon Pearce.  I then headed back down Route 4 to pick up the back road to Simon Pearce.

Well, after crossing the Gorge I saw a temporary sign routing you to Simon Peace, I was not familiar with that road.  So I did a “uie” into a parking lot to circle back.  The store there had a big sign, retiring, liquidation sale.  Cathy and I had been in the building before, but I did not recall what they had, but what the heck I have the time (starting to define myself as semi-retired) so I parked and went in.  Big space was essentially empty with some big items around the large room.  I saw some Halloween type noise makers that I knew I could make some travel money on, so set those aside – and then I saw IT. 

Now, I am busy de-accessioning my collections, and have a rule to only buy books or a “real-treasure” if it is smaller than a bread box.  You may recall my post a short time ago about my visit to the National Heritage Museum in Lexington, Massachusetts which is in conjunction with the 32 Degree Scottish Rite Freemasons in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.  One of the exhibition rooms I most enjoyed was called something like “curators favorites” in which members of the staff selected for display some of their favorite and unique items.  I had been enthralled with a rocking goat mounted on eccentric wheels that was used in Masonic initiations wheeling around a hoodwinked inductee.  In the corner of this shop (the owner was bringing in his treasures from home) was an example better than the museums’ – it was pricey!!!  I chatted with him telling him I knew what it was, and he was impressed.  He had bought it years, years ago from a woman who said she had gotten it from the Odd Fellows Home in Brownsville, VT.  He had it priced at what he paid for it even though right after he bought it he could have doubled his money.  Well, Frank and Mike on AMERICAN PICKERS would be proud of me (and I will contact them because this item needs to be seen on their show).  I got my checkbook to pay for my noise makers, and mentioned to the gentleman that I liked the item, but I am busy selling things I bought years ago, and prices are not what they were.  I am selling some things for less than I paid for them, but it is alright since they are paid for.  I said I was intrigued with his item, did not want to insult him, but would not think twice if I paid $GRR, to which he said how about $YRR – less than what he had paid.  I said, let’s split the difference, to which he said  “Yes”, and we shook on it.

My "Billy" The Rocking Goat

He helped me load into the van my circa 1905 De Moulin Bros. (yes I have started the research) Rollicking Mustang Goat.  And, my example far surpasses the quality of the museum piece in Lexington, and is early with real goat horns, real hide and fur, and stirrups that I do not recall seeing in Lexington.  Billy is big!!!  The fun will be to find the right home, and get some more “travel money” in the process.  But I enjoy the hunt, the search, ending up with something I never planned on, learning about it, and then placing it.  Oh, just too much fun, but I will have to wait “playing with Billy” because I really do need to get ready for Canada.

Tonight I talked with a fellow who is just finishing up his 22 room mansion in Rome, NY as a B&B, and I will stay there on my way to my canal program in Canada.  This morning I talked with the owner of a B&B in Saranac Lake, NY where I will stop upon my return.  Both places will be unique experiences, just what I enjoy and like to share, but I will wait until I am there so I can share pictures and details.

Today was another adventure, “Billy” the goat is stabled alongside “Black Beauty” and “Black Beauty” does not know what to think of her new “garage-mate.”

More coming soon, thanks, RAY

"Black Beauty" is overwhelmed with "Billy" the Goat

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4 Responses to DAY OUT – Ray is one of the great “AMERICAN PICKERS”

  1. Marian says:

    My Goodness Ray, this is really different. I am speechless.
    Have no idea what it is good for? Must have been a toy, way before my time. -:)
    Have a great trip to Canada.


  2. Jim says:

    Hmmm…”Billy the Goat” looks like something out of an Edward Gorey book… oh, those madcap

  3. I enjoyed reading your post. There is a DeMoulin Museum in Greenville, IL and we have two of the DeMoulin goats in our collection but not this particular model. If you’re interested in turning a quick profit, let us know as we may be interested in buying from you. The DeMoulin Museum sent our media kit a few months ago to “American Pickers” but have not received a response.

    John Goldsmith
    DeMoulin Museum curator
    Also on Facebook as “DeMoulin Museum”

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